Towing Truths

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Many Towing companies take advantage of motorist and companies on a regular basis. The worst, is when a towing company in Wayne County Michigan is towing on behalf of a police agency or municipality and they price gouge their customers. this leaves people feeling very frustrated and makes us think that the police or city is involved. The truth is that most often, they are not. It is very likely that they are not aware of the problem. Or, in the case of the City of detroit, they have just failed to take the problem seriously.

In March 2016 a Canton, MI trucking company needed a very simple tow (truck and trailer) where we received a bill for $2,100. We called in a wrecker but he arrived AFTER the police wrecker arrived. Our wrecker left without providing any assistance and did not charge anyone. Whats more, they refused to tow the truck to the owner company but insisted on impounding the unit. When the invoice was received, the hourly rate was higher than published and they attempted to charge for the wrecker that we called. To me, this is a towing blatant fraud. After iforming the tow company that we'd been in contact with the state police, the bill was willingly reduced by $600 by the owner of that towing company.

While the Michigan State Police have approved rates established with towing companies, it is done at the district level. Wayne county, because of the lack of regulation and where regulation does exist but few are able to quickly locate it. The truth of the matter is they should not have to fight these things, our politicians should regulate towing companies  in the proper manner and protect the citizens.

For our part after dealing with this for so many years we've started this website called at On this website we hope to collect your stories, categorize these towing companies and their offenses and use this information to drive changes.