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In some states, the practice of booting motor vehicles has moved to the private sector. Some people that own property are raking in tens of thousands of dollars monthly or even weekly, due to these loosely or unregulated practices. The city of Atlanta has a very robust booting ordinance

Booting calls: Police often respond to heated arguments over parking

There are numerous stories about run-ins with opportunistic parking attendants in the city of Decatur GA.
According to data released by the Decatur Police Department, officers called to intervene in booting disputes are busier than ever. Calls to resolve these disputes increased 188 percent from 2014 to 2015, records show.
The officers often don’t file reports, but on rare occasions these encounters have resulted in criminal charges for one of the parties involved.
“We created a booting call category in the Computer Aided Dispatch system in March 2010 due to the increased number of calls we were receiving related to booting,” Decatur Police Lt. Jennifer Ross said. “However, the vast majority of the calls are civil complaints and result in an officer speaking to the complainant and explaining that the companies are operating in compliance with city ordinance and that we cannot make them remove the boot.”

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