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Fight Illegal Booting

1ST FACTS: Atlanta

  1. If you return to your vehicle before the boot is complete, it has to be removed: (Article V. Vehicle Immobilization Services Code Sec. 162-266.)
  2. There are VERY specific signage requirements. Sec. 162-261. Signs.


If you or your driver is on site

If you are in Dekalb County Georgia, know that as of this writing, they do NOT have any ordinance that allows booting by private citizens.


  • Call the police
  • Ask the officer to request:
  • Booting Companys' State business registration.
  • Booting Companys' State Business License
  • Booting Company's County Booting License
  • Booting Companys Contract with the property owner.

If the booter can not produce all of these, request of the officer, that the boot be removed at no fee.


After The Fact

Pissed off because you were extorted and have already paid?


  • Contact the police and file a report. (You should have a receipt proving that you were a customer)
  • Contact the corporate office of the company that you visited. (many do not know about this)


Contact Us to have your story added here 

We would love to hear what happened to you in your booting situation. Contact us by sending your story. Please indicate any information that you do not want posted like company name, your name etc.