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Atlanta Booting Regulation Beginning

(November 2000)

The City of Atlanta Police Department, Council members and other City of Atlanta officials have received numerous complaints from citizens and visitors to the City of Atlanta about unfair business practices in the vehicle immobilization service or "booting" industry; and WHEREAS, the unregulated vehicle immobilization service industry has led, in numerous instances, to altercations between the citizens of this City and the employees of vehicle immobilization services, to excessive fees for the removal of vehicle immobilization devices, otherwise commonly known as car "boots" and to unfair business practices by the vehicle immobilization service industry.


The City of Atlanta is empowered and charged with the responsibility to prohibit and regulate by ordinance conduct and activities within the territorial limits of the City of Atlanta that are deemed by Council to be detrimental and offensive to the peace and good order of the City of Atlanta and of its citizens.


SO, it seems to me that these thugs ran amok without regulation, to some degree were a public nuisance and certainly did not assist in maintaining the peace. Atlanta's response was regulation. WHAT????? If you are doing something that is not defined as legal, then it most likely is ILLEGAL. Seizing multi thousand dollar pieces of property and forcing payment? Jails are full of people that tried this elsewhere. But ALT has regulated. I'm from Michigan and do not fully understand the gravity of the problem that led to this industry but I know that it is lucrative.