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Equipment Used

It is important to know and track, if possible, how many peices and what type of equipment are used to recover your truck and trailer.


All towing companies will provide an itimized invoice that contains a rate for each peice of equipment used. An easy way for a shady towing company to tack on a few hundred or thousand dollars is to charge for equipment that was never used. They can:

  • Arrive equipment that is never used: This means that they will dispatch 2 or 3 trucks to a wreck that can easily be handled by one. Sometimes they want 2 hands on site and others they want to gouge. Either way, you are not obligated to pay for equipment that is not used.
  •  Charge for employees that do not exist: There was a particularily bad wreck wherein the towing company used 15 hired hands to recover freight from a ditch. When invoiced, this number was 24 employees. Know how many people are being used.
  • Charge for equipment that drove by: Yes, we have seen and busted a wrecker service charging a carrier for a different company wrecker that (a) did not incur nor attempt to bill anyone (b) was dispatched by the wrecker company.