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Regulations Work

Tow service providers are not crooked and unethical by nature. As a matter of fact, I'd say that 95% of towing companies are honest and fair companies run by honest businessmen. But for that 5% of towers that is not ethical, then there must be some protections provided by municipalities, or government. Ain't that how it always goes? 5% ruin it for the rest.

These are stories of communities that have responded to calls from citizens for protection. Allow me to say that anytime a government agency contracts with a service provider in a situation where the consumer is paying the bill, there should be an obligation to protect against abuse. Where there is no regulation or control, the abuse goes unpunished and the consumer remains the victim.

Blooming Grove NY Stops Price-Gouging For Towing

MONROE, NY - The Town of Blooming Grove isn't going to stop ticketing and towing cars that commuters abandon in no-parking zones when the 707 spaces at the Monroe park-and-ride are full.
But the town is going to stop the price-gouging for impounding their cars.
Effective Sunday, the town will impose a new fee schedule for towing and storing vehicles that are impounded at the direction of its police department. The maximum fees will be $125 for towing and $25 for storing for the first 24 hours - with an inherent caveat that after-hours retrieval has to be supported.
Until now, some commuters have been charged as much as $181.65, in cash, to recover their cars and then only if they got to the towing company's garage before it closed at 5 p.m., a feat that few have managed. As a result, some have been forced to take the following day off from work to retrieve their cars - and pay another $181.65, in cash.
"Six cars - including mine - were towed today for a total of $1,089.90 in cash,'' reported Florence Leong of Blooming Grove on Nov. 9. "Easy pickings!"

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